Best Execution Services

Sell-side regulatory and analytics solutions

Abel Noser Solutions provides an experienced multi-faceted regulatory and analytics solution to assist your firm with a variety of mandatory regulatory compliance services. Our offering leverages our in-depth data handling capabilities, robust Compliance+ trade surveillance web portal, and industry-leading client services team to enable sell-side firms comply with various SEC, FINRA and MIFID2 data and reporting requirements.

Reg Best Execution Analytics

As the regulatory hurdles of best execution grow in complexity, we stand ready to help firms embrace their SEC mandated regulatory responsibilities and implement key oversight processes required, from the trading desk to the compliance office. Plus, our enormous peer benchmark universe can empower your team with the tools and context needed to define, monitor and explain best execution. For the past 35 years, we have been helping firms like yours understand, measure, and monitor their trade data

As such, we offer a complete set of tools and reporting capabilities to meet the SEC Reg. Best Interest (Reg BI) transactional reporting requirements and FINRA Rule 5310‘s regular and rigorous reviews of execution quality

Our solution uses our flagship Trade Zoom TCA offering to re-create all transactional workflows for internal evaluation and external reporting.

2023 SEC Best Execution Rule Proposals

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been in a comment period for four proposals as well as to finalize amendments to Rule 10b5-1. The scope of the proposed rules is far reaching and contains market structure changes that would affect all market participants, from wholesale firms to exchanges, ATSs, retail brokers and investors. While most of the proposals focus on equity market structure, the Commission’s proposed Regulation Best Execution mandate would apply to all securities including bonds, options, ETFs, and crypto securities.

Some key elements of their proposals include:

Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) and Customer & Account Information System (CAIS) for SEC Rule 613

See more on SEC Rule 613 and our CAT and CAIS services >

Disclosure of Routing Information for SEC Rule 605 & SEC Rule 606

  • Monthly SEC rule 605 reporting on a branded ANS hosted site
  • Quarterly 606(a)1 public reporting on branded ANS hosted site
  • On demand or scheduled SEC Rule 606 client specific reporting
  • See more on our SEC 605/606 info page