Real-Time TCA

Evaluate strategies, support decisions, and understand overall performance.

Real Time Analytics

See real-time results as you trade.

Our proprietary pre-trade analytics tool provides immediate access to the results you need to manage and react to trading costs.

You can follow your progress at the portfolio and order level, helping you to make the right decisions at all times. Built into the tool is a convenient interface that displays results in a familiar drag-and-drop format, offering you the ability to focus on what matters most.

Why Analyze Costs in Real-Time?

  • Take action by monitoring your portfolio and single stock trades as they occur
  • Easily identify securities that are moving away from your stated benchmark
  • Quantify trade costs at any given point on a timeline
  • Produce measurably better trading results

Functionality and Benefits

  • Trade alerts and heat map visuals are dynamically refreshed
  • Pre-trade cost estimates are derived from empirical data
  • Shows cost to complete strategies
  • Add to an existing or completed trade
  • Fill-level roll ups and/or volume/participation indicators
  • Options for pivot table view, plus export functionality


We can set up a FREE TRIAL using your own EMS/OMS data so you can experience first-hand the clear value of our data extracts.