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Transition Analytics & Consulting

Evaluate, Manage and Control Transition Costs

Our industry leading analytics software provides the transparency needed

to evaluate all aspects of portfolio transitions.


In today’s environment, there is heightened pressure to ensure prudent and cost-efficient manager transitions. Inefficient transitions can result in millions of dollars in unnecessary costs. Implementing portfolio transitions is one of the few instances where plan sponsors have a direct impact on fund performance. This entails a level of oversight, investment expertise, and fiduciary responsibility that is different from typical plan sponsor oversight duties.


Our leading TCA and compliance analytics can provide you with the critical transparency, substantive due diligence, and insight into how your managers are handling fund assets.  Not only do we provide you with customized metrics so you can control excessive trade costs, often the single largest expense of a fund, we give you the reporting and archiving necessary to mitigate investment and fiduciary risk.


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Pre and Post Transition Analytics

Pre-Transition Analytics establish realistic cost expectations, help identify problematic and risky areas of the transition, and provide the information necessary to craft prudent transition strategies.


Post-transition analytics provide a comprehensive post-mortem review of a transition manager’s execution efficiency and performance for the aggregate portfolio, as well as individual stocks.



  • Tailored advice in crafting transition strategies and execution tactics
  • Expertise that is neutral to broker, trading venue, and strategy
  • Quantitative universes identifying which brokers receive the most trade volume in various situations or markets, and how well they execute
  • Identification of transition managers’ strengths that best fit your portfolio’s needs



Do you know what you really paid to buy and sell your securities?

For Asset Owners, trading costs can average over -48 bp each way (-96 bp round trip)!

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