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Why Utilize Trade Analytics?


We understand that as fiduciaries, a plan sponsor has a legal obligation to monitor managers’ (and their brokers’) equity, FX, fixed income, futures, and derivatives trading processes for best execution.  Zeno AN Solutions offers the industry's most comprehensive TCA analytics and monitoring solutions for all asset owners including pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies and endowments.


Our leading TCA and compliance analytics can provide you with the critical transparency, substantive due diligence, and insight into how your managers are handling fund assets.  Not only do we provide you with customized metrics so you can control excessive trade costs, often the single largest expense of a fund, we give you the reporting and archiving necessary to mitigate investment and fiduciary risk.


Do you know what you really paid to buy and sell your securities?

For Asset Owners, trading costs can average over -48 bp each way (-96 bp round trip)!

Zeno AN Solutions Asset Owner Services

Our multi-asset Sponsor Monitor service includes:

  • Flagging of compliance/fiduciary issues, by manager
  • Written recommendations to address flagged issues
  • Peer Group Universe Rankings based on manager investment mandates
  • ESG/MWBE Analytics and Fund Oversight
  • Quantifying and ranking manager turnover rates
  • Quantifying and ranking the impact of manager trading process and capacity on investment performance


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Clients also have access to Abel Noser's industry-leading, web-based multi-asset post-trade Trade-Zoom platform that includes:

  • Drill down functionality (By Manager, Broker, Security, Trade Date…etc.)
  • Peer benchmarking ($15 trillion Universe)
  • Manager timing/alpha profiling
  • Venue and routing analysis
  • Next-Gen Fixed Income TCA
  • Standard and customized report generator
  • Unlimited user subscriptions
  • Over 350 metrics


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Zeno AN Solutions is known for our bespoke consultative audit services that include:

Sponsor Monitor provides a granular view on the impact of managers on trading performance.

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