Ready to take things to a new level?

We can provide an in-person demonstration at your convenience. Or, we can set you up with a fully functional trial using your own trade data integrated into our best-of-class analytics tools. You’ll be able to experience the speed and ease with which you can zoom in on any aspect of your global multi-asset trading as benchmarked against our $37+ trillion annual universe. We’re so excited about our products and we believe you will be too once you experience them in action using your own data.

Abel Noser is happy to extend this offer to any investment manager, asset owner, consultant or broker anywhere in the world. Our web-based products allow you to measure your trading activity the way you want, from wherever you are. Our trial interface is easy-to-use and features our latest manager timing and data graphics.

To get set up, simply contact us so we can arrange your no-cost functional trial.