Big Data

Our Secure Universe of Market Information

Every day, Abel Noser collects global market data to ensure that we can measure any trade our clients execute. Our company continues to pioneer new methods and tools to help our clients measure their transaction results using the firm’s secure universe of empirical transaction information consisting of over $15 trillion in traded principal annually in equities, $21 trillion in fixed income$2.5 billion in futures, and $1.6 trillion in FX. We also utilize market data from over 54,000 global equity instruments, 650,000 global fixed income securities and 264 currency pairs.

This enormous set of trade data enables us to calculate a wide variety of transaction cost benchmarks that gives our clients actionable insight into their performance and trading costs as compared to their peers.

Top-Rated Data Security

Our underlying technology architecture is built with next-generation encryption and data security protocols.  It has achieved the highest SSAE rating available (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements).

To learn more about Abel Noser's SSAE rating, our highly-controlled security apparatus, and next generation data encryption, please contact us.