Total Transaction Cost

Multi-Asset Analytics & Reporting

Comprehensive assessment of hidden transaction costs and operational fees coupled with Abel Noser's industry-leading TCA


Total Transaction Cost (TTC) combines Abel Noser's legendary TCA platform engine with Park/Lexington Advisors' uniquely comprehensive operational cost analytics process to provide the industry's only end-to-end analysis of the total cost of a trade along with associated performance impacts.


Every trade incurs post-execution costs and fees that remain largely hidden, can significantly dampen performance and are often not reflected in a manager's expressed trading cost proforma.  In fact, the total amount of non-trading related fees and expenses (i.e. back office costs) can sometimes exceed the implicit and explicit trading costs monitored by robust trade cost measurement.


With TTC, you'll be provided a full understanding of the costs associated with a manager's investment processes as well as any costs associated with an account's providers and back-office operations. In other words, Total Transaction Cost measurement.



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TTC Performance Generation

  • Measure ALL costs (implicit, explicit, operational) associated with end-to-end trading activities
  • Benchmark various transaction costs against a complex array of peer measurements
  • Identify opportunities for reducing administrative and trading costs
  • Conduct comprehensive oversight on the entire investment management value chain
  • Identify unnecessary and excessive costs that reduce client performance
  • Develop and implement reduction strategies and monitoring programs
  • Utilize unique data clarity to drive implicit and explicit cost reduction strategies
  • Provide analysis that helps prove active fiduciary management
  • Global coverage of major asset classes such as equities, fixed income, FX, and futures



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