Transition Management

Global Equity and Fixed Income Transition Management

At Abel Noser, we believe that the coordination of experience and technology is fundamental to achieving optimal transition results. We emphasize communication during all phases of the process. Communication (not just reporting, but communication) throughout the process is essential to understanding and achieving the client's goals.

In addition, we feel we are uniquely positioned to operate in the transition management marketplace. The success or failure of a transition, after all, is largely a function of the broker's ability to minimize transaction costs. We approach each transition knowing it is going to be measured, and we have built our trading desk from the ground up with one goal in mind: to consistently deliver measurably better executions.

We strive to be a full-service transition manager, not just an instrument of best execution. We feel that our team can effectively help an asset owner avoid some of the pitfalls that can crop up in the early phases of the transition process. We believe we can add value in the planning stages as well as in the implementation stage right through post-trade analysis.


Name: Anthony Conroy
Phone: 646-432-4130