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Global Equity and Fixed Income Agency Trading

Abel Noser has offered execution services to investment manager clients since 1982. Our philosophy remains the same today as the day we opened our doors: offer best execution with low commission rates. We do this through a combination of experienced cash traders, who handle difficult orders and a full suite of algorithmic offerings including customized solutions.

Neutrality & Anonymity

Abel Noser offers agency trading only. We do not trade our own account. Our sole objective is to act on your behalf to achieve best possible execution on your trades. We also maintain your anonymity at all times.

Pre-Trade: A Measured Approach (Before)

Reducing the overall cost of portfolio trading begins with good communication. We identify specific goals and requirements that may affect strategy -- and keep lines of communication open through the process. Rigorous pre-trade analysis balances opportunity cost and market impact on both sides of the trade, formulating an execution strategy to achieve your goals while minimizing transaction costs.

Goal-Based Execution Strategies (During)

Abel Noser delivers a quality execution strategy while providing the flexibility to change parameters and aggressiveness at any time. Keeping communication open, we offer real time reporting throughout the trading day, and our automated trading service uses proprietary algorithms to help you in reaching your trading goals.

Abel Noser has developed systems to enable our traders to manage diverse baskets and single stocks and measure their performance in real-time.

Post-Trade: Best of Breed Reporting

As the pioneer and one of the leading providers of post-trade analysis, your trades are measured in real-time and aggregated after the trade to determine whether your trading goals have been reached. Your result is then compared to our benchmark universe of over 7.5 trillion.

Commission Management Program

Abel Noser offers a flexible web-based real time commission management program for the qualified expenses of our investment management clients. We offer competitive conversion ratios that enable our clients to take full advantage of their commission expense. Clients satisfy commitments to third parties and or Abel Noser products.

Trade Expertise:
  • Algorithms
  • Cash trades
  • Program trades
  • Transition management trading
  • Rule 144
  • Stock savings and corporate buy-backs

Name: Anthony Conroy
Phone: 646-432-4130


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Pre-Trade: Trade Compass
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