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MiFID II Solutions

Abel Noser is prepared to bring your firm up-to-speed with MiFID II & PRIIPs European regulatory reporting requirements.

Best Execution Reporting and Market Abuse Surveillance


MiFID II and PRIIPs significantly impacts any financial institution that offers services in the European Union.


Abel Noser offers comprehensive best execution data and market surveillance services in light of 2018 European regulations.


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MiFID II Basics

MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), in place since November, 2007, has been a European financial services regulation meant to assist fair competition in the EU’s markets and ensure a consistent level of consumer protection.


Due to various technological changes, innovations in financial instruments, and increased fragmentation of markets and data (especially since the 2008-9 world financial crisis), a new regulatory package called MiFID II will be implemented on January 3, 2018.


While MiFID applied solely to equity products, MiFID II extends to other asset classes and has more specific and wide-ranging reporting execution and record keeping requirements.  For the first time, products like bonds and derivatives that trade over-the-counter will be subject to certain reporting requirements to create price transparency and supervisory oversight.



Comply Using Our TCA and Surveillance Platforms

Our multi-asset, full trade lifecycle data and measurement tools are industry-leading and MiFID II compliance-focused.  From pre-trade and real-time best execution review to post-trade analysis and outlier trade surveillance, you'll experience not just the best tools in the business, but a dedicated client services and assistance team who are ready to customize reporting solutions to meet your specific needs.  Available offerings include:

  • Best execution evidence broken out by implicit costs and explicit commission costs
  • Exception-based reports including user defined thresholds for individual or multiple benchmarks
  • Relative peer cost attribution to contextualize global transaction costs and absolute/relative end client reporting
  • Proprietary asset-class-specific methodologies for enhanced measurement accuracy to address opaque market price discovery
  • Attribution report of broker oversight/execution routing decisions
  • Control check on time orders resting on trading desk prior to placement to brokers
  • Identification of potential market abuse through detailed surveillance reporting with annotations memorialized in system
  • Full-range reports generator that includes scheduling and bespoke customization
  • RTS 28 annual reporting obligation per asset class with hosting option
  • Historical repository on Abel Noser servers

MiFID II Functions and Benefits

MiFID II mandates an unprecedented level of transparency with the express aim of making European markets more fair, safe and efficient.  However, fully understanding and then implementing policies and practices that comply with this new regulatory regime will be challenging for most firms.


Under MiFID II, member states require investment firms to undertake all sufficient steps to obtain, when executing orders, the best possible result for their clients while taking into account price, costs, speed, likelihood of execution and settlement, size, nature or any other consideration relevant to the execution of the order.


Financial services companies and individual professionals are being directed to develop or obtain the technology needed to provide a higher level of detail on where, why and how trades are executed.

Key Compliance Points

Affected Market Segments: Buy Side, Sell Side, Venue Operators


Affected Geographical Locations: MiFID II applies to MiFID firms, i.e. those financial services businesses undertaking MiFID business anywhere in the European Economic Area ('the EEA'). It will also affect all participants in the EU's financial markets, whether they are based in the EU or elsewhere, including providers of asset management and custodial services.


Asset Class Scope: Cash, Derivatives, FX, Fixed Income & Commodities (MiFID applied solely to Equity products; MiFID II extends to All Asset Classes). Products like bonds and derivatives that trade over-the-counter will be subject to certain reporting requirements so to create price transparency and supervisory oversight. Spot FX is not included.


Reference: See Article 27 in MiFID II as it relates to best execution.  Fixed format & publicly available reporting obligations for each of the client segments are available. See ESMA Regulatory Technical Standards.


Reporting Obligation: Annual RTS 28 - Affected investment firms are required to report client orders executed on trading venues, systematic internalisers, market makers or other liquidity providers.




MiFID II RTS 28 Report (Example)


Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products


PRIIPs, or packaged retail investment and insurance-based products, refers to a broad category of financial assets that are regularly provided to consumers in the European Union through banks or other financial institutions.  Many US firms with European activities fall within regulatory oversight.  Arrange a remote demo to learn more>


Abel Noser Solutions has created an expedited regulatory offering for clients with funds that fall under upcoming PRIIPs disclosure requirements.


We can provide the data, expertise and archival solution you'll need to construct and maintain a PRIIPs Key Information Document (KID) for retail investors.


Our Solution


  • Easy-to-implement features that will fulfill your PRIIPs transaction cost reporting requirements
  • Simple 3-year lookback extraction & post-implementation PRIIPs services
  • Automated delivery of PRIIPs transaction cost summaries for internal or 3rd party 'KID' aggregate forwarding
  • Self-generating report capability with measurement carve outs that accurately provide transaction costs for Market Close and ETF activity
  • Summary aggregate portfolio and detailed transaction-based exports



Key Compliance Points


Objectives: To improve transparency and increase investor confidence by ensuring comparability between similar products and harmonize the framework of administrative and financial penalties on a Europe‐wide basis.


Products in Scope: Asset managers, UCITS, structured products, guaranteed capital/return products, all investment funds.


Insurance: Unit linked life insurance and certain pension products.


Requirements: Obligation for firms selling investment products to provide investors with Key Information Documents (KIDs) prior to any proposal or contract.


Resources: See PRIIPs details, scope and KID requirements


Implementation Date: January 3, 2018 (with 3 year look back requirement)


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